Hummer wins Best in Show at BID4 Show!!


We could not be happier with Hummer, He did an awesome job this weekend taking Best Champion, Best in Breed, and Best in Show in Show 3 under Tarvaris Jackson at the Bully Independence Day 4 show in Perry, Ga this weekend! Hummer also recieved Best Reserve Champion in show 2 under ABKC Judge Defrome Branch and Show 4 under ABKC Judge Mo Barrow. Not only did Hummer do good, but Cannon won Best XL Male in Show 1 under ABKC Judge Errol Bodden and Won Best XL Overall in show 4 under ABKC Judge Mo Barrow. We also brought out Hurricane (Merlot x Saucey) and Pirate (Shere-Khan x Shyloh) to let everyone see the new up and comers here at Gold Label Firm. We had a great time at the show and want to thank the host Rolando Mata and Christopher James for the great event. Stay tuned to see what show we will be attending next!

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Capital City Bully Bash 2 Results for Gold Label

What a great show we couldn’t be happier with the results! Merlot did fantastic winning Best in Breed in Show 1 under Judge Derrick Dennis!

Gold Label

Ephiram with all Merlot’s Trophies from the Show

Results for Show #1 under ABKC Judge Derrick Dennis

Cannon – 2nd Place in 1-2 XL Male

Tiri – 2nd Place in 3-up Cassic Female

Shyloh – 3rd Place in 3-up Classic Female

Merlot – 1st Place in Extreme 1-2 Male, Best Extreme Male, Best Extreme, Best of Winners, Best of Breed.

Hummer – 2nd Place in 9-12 month Standard Male

Chipotle – 2nd Place in 1-2 Standard Male

Expo – 1st Place in 2-3 Standard Male

Hot Sauce – 2nd Place in 2-3 Standard Male

Result for Show #2 under ABKC Judge Anthony Villareal

Cannon – 2nd Place in 1-2 XL Male

Tiri – 2nd Place in 3-up Classic Female

 MERLOT – 1st Place in Extreme 1-2 Male, Reserve Best Extreme Male

Hummer – 1st Place in 9-12 month Standard Male.

Chipotle – 2nd Place in 1-2 Standard Male.

Expo – 3rd Place in 2-3 Standard Male.

Hot Sauce – 2nd Place in 2-3 Standard Male.

Chi Chi – 1st Place in 3-up Standard Female.

Shyloh – 2nd Place in 3-up Standard Female.

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Young Adults For Sale

We have a few young adults for sale, for more information call Chrisse or Lou (850) 544-9024!

We have Classic, Standard, XL, and Clean Extreme American Bullies so contact us for info!



“Don’t sleep on me”


Welcome to Gold Label Firm!

Welcome to Gold Label Firm!


    We are kennel located in Tallahassee, FL specializing in American Bullies. We carry some of the best bloodlines in the world of American Bullies stemming from Razors Edge to Gottiline and within the Razors Edge bloodlines we have direct kids off American Bullies such as Paco, Heff, Excalibur, Lil Ro, and many more. We strive to produce first and foremost strong healthy bullies, as well as structurally correct still maintain their bully features. Our kennel is ran with integrity and the utmost care for the dogs on a 5 acre haven for the Bullies. We are proud to introduce you to the American Bullies of the Gold Label Firm!   

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