Capital City Bully Bash 2 Results for Gold Label

What a great show we couldn’t be happier with the results! Merlot did fantastic winning Best in Breed in Show 1 under Judge Derrick Dennis!

Gold Label

Ephiram with all Merlot’s Trophies from the Show

Results for Show #1 under ABKC Judge Derrick Dennis

Cannon – 2nd Place in 1-2 XL Male

Tiri – 2nd Place in 3-up Cassic Female

Shyloh – 3rd Place in 3-up Classic Female

Merlot – 1st Place in Extreme 1-2 Male, Best Extreme Male, Best Extreme, Best of Winners, Best of Breed.

Hummer – 2nd Place in 9-12 month Standard Male

Chipotle – 2nd Place in 1-2 Standard Male

Expo – 1st Place in 2-3 Standard Male

Hot Sauce – 2nd Place in 2-3 Standard Male

Result for Show #2 under ABKC Judge Anthony Villareal

Cannon – 2nd Place in 1-2 XL Male

Tiri – 2nd Place in 3-up Classic Female

 MERLOT – 1st Place in Extreme 1-2 Male, Reserve Best Extreme Male

Hummer – 1st Place in 9-12 month Standard Male.

Chipotle – 2nd Place in 1-2 Standard Male.

Expo – 3rd Place in 2-3 Standard Male.

Hot Sauce – 2nd Place in 2-3 Standard Male.

Chi Chi – 1st Place in 3-up Standard Female.

Shyloh – 2nd Place in 3-up Standard Female.

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